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Welcome, Brave Soul!

Are you ready for more purpose, clarity and confidence?

Hello, I'm Vanessa,

I spent 17 years as a communication executive. And whilst I knew deep down it wasn’t what I was truly here to do, I had no idea what path to take!

It felt lonely and confusing so I went on a mission to find my ‘thing’. I threw myself into the world of personal growth and worked with transformational trainers and leaders all over the world.

As I took steps each day and followed the process that you will find in The Brave Journal, I not only gained self-awareness and self-confidence, I discovered the simple secret to changing your life by taking swift and accountable action.


The Brave Journal is for you if:

👉You feel like you’re stuck in a rut and you know there must be more than this but not sure where to begin

👉You feel frustrated that you don’t have a clear direction and career path that lights you up.

👉You feel lost and confused about what your purpose or true calling is, but you know you’re here to do something great.

👉You see other people living a life you deep down want but you've convince yourself “I don’t know if I’m good enough”, “what if it doesn’t work out”, or “what will people think” so you quit before you start.

👉You've watched hours of inspirational YouTube videos, signed up to endless challenges and masterclasses and listened to podcasts on the daily - but you find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of consumption and no real-life application.

👉You're over feeling undervalued and underpaid and ready to get a raise or promotion or you want to make more money doing something you love.

👉You just realized another year has passed by and not much has changed and that scares you...

👉You’re ready to stop sitting on the fence overanalyzing and overthinking your life away.

👉You know support and accountability is what you need to truly change the game. This is for you

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So, what are your unique aspirations? What life are you committed to? And what are you waiting for?

I personally used this process to get in shape, create a thriving business and truly feel present in my life again. The Brave Journal has also helped hundreds of others to shift the areas of their lives they have felt stuck.

Will it work for you?

I believe so! it's often the simplest of action that has the most impact on our lives and that 1% adjustment on a consistent basis creates massive impact.

I now jump out of bed, feel engaged and happy. I'm still on my journey and hope that you will join me because life is better together, wouldn't you agree?

Get in touch below or sign up and get a discount for your first copy of The Brave Journal today!

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