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The Brave Journal

Have the courage to reveal the greatest version of you.

Courage is a Framework That Is Teachable

Combining the proven elements of positive psychology and the practice of consistency, The Brave Journal creates measured growth and impact in your life.

What Kind of Life Could You Have If You Were Braver?



How It Works

Step 2 -Make a Brave Bet

Step 3 -Take Action

Step 4 -Transformation

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"The Brave Journal is equal parts practical and inspirational. This is great for those who are ready to take action and who might benefit from some structure and accountability. It's also a bit of a peek in to what worked for Vanessa - and many others. I can practically hear her self-talk/encouragement flipping through this journal. Sometimes goals can feel more achievable - when you know others have gone through kicking their own butt. Consider adding this on your list of things to gift yourself - and others"

Carolyn Van, Social Innovation Entrepreneur, Innovation Consultant & Educator

The Brave Journal is a powerful tool to take dreams and goals and turn them into reality. The practical guide offers readers both personal anecdotes and inspirational quotes from a handful of world leaders, celebrities and the like. It's a step-by-step, 21-day journal to help you stick to your goals, either personal or professional. My clients loved receiving the Brave Journal as a gift this holiday season since you can apply the Brave Journal to improving just about any aspect of your life." 

Elena Fordham, Founder and Principal, Beveridge Marketing

"Easy, powerful routine to build the discipline and find the energy to really change something positive in your life."

Ewout Boogard, Co-Founder, Courageous Teaming

"I appreciate the gentle yet firm touch of this journal. No intense pep talks or massive actions required, just daily simple steps that add up to big change."

Beorn Thiessen

"Great self help journal that makes sure that you focus and change something that really matters to you. A real gift."

André Wouters, Co-Founder Courageous Teaming

As the great Joseph Campbell said, "the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

We believe that the purpose of being alive is to continually learn and grow. This framework will bring you a massive opportunity to do this if you let it.


You can keep living by default or can get in the driver's seat and create your life by design.